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Salmon House Restauraunt is a restaurant located in Quinault, Washington at 516 South Shore Road Lake. They are open every day of the week. Quinault rainforest activities and attractions near the Rain Forest Resort Village. Rain Forest Resort Village is set in the beautiful Quinault Rainforest on the shores of picturesque Lake Quinault. On the Olympic Peninsula at the northern end of Grays...
516 South Shore Road Lake, Quinault, WA, 98575
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Quinault Internet Cafe is a restaurant located in Amanda Park, Washington at 6094 U.S. 101. The only temperate rain forest in the northern hemisphere includes the glacial carved Quinault Valley. The Native Americans who inhabited the area had few physical wants because the climate was moderate and the land and the sea were so abundant. “The people were surrounded by a large variety of sea,...
6094 U.S. 101, Amanda Park, WA, 98526