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Burgee Dave's @ The Mayo is a restaurant located in Camptonville, California at 15315 Cleveland Avenue. They are open every day of the week. Burgee Dave's at the Mayo- Special event, the Mermaid Run. O Mermaids actually run? Why yes, they sure do! Join us for our fourth annual, 163 mile Poker Run which will take you through the Sierra Mountains from Camptonville to La Port , Gray Eagle, Bassets...
15315 Cleveland Avenue, Camptonville, CA, 95922
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The Ridge Cafe is a restaurant located in North San Juan, California at 29318 California 49. They are open every day of the week. Lang grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. For the past five years she focused on her jewelry making business but in her 20s she owned a coffee shop in Key West where she baked pies and sold them wholesale to local restaurants. “I make a darn good key lime pie." She...
29318 California 49, North San Juan, CA, 95960