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Cafe Cimino Country Inn is a restaurant located in Sutton, West Virginia at 616 Main Street. This restaurant serves mussels italiano, filet mignon gorgonzola, shellfish pescatore, olive plate, focaccia bread, n. y. strip steak, and sea scallops and prosciutto. They also serve cafe cimino pasta, caesar salad, chef's choice fish of the day, shrimp scampi, cheese plate, house roasted red pepper,...
616 Main Street, Sutton, WV, 26601
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More Cafes Restaurants Near Sutton, WV

Cornerstone Café is a restaurant located in Glenville, West Virginia at 19 East Main Street. This restaurant serves loaded biscuit, jalapeno poppers, biscuit, breaded chicken breast, ham, home made fries, and mac 'n cheese. They also serve hamburger steak 9oz, 1 egg (any style) & toast, 1 biscuit & sausage gravy, 1 hot cakes, 21 piece shrimp, quick two egg breakfast, and hamburger 2-3oz. They...
19 East Main Street, Glenville, WV, 26351