Best Steakhouses In Coloma, WI

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Lavore's On the Hill is a restaurant located in Coloma, Wisconsin at 227 West Follett Drive. They are open every day except Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Our delicious Signature Dishes, Pasta, Pizza and home-made sauces will have you craving for more. We are amoung a select group of restaurants in the country that serve Certified Angus Beef. Our recipes are created and made in-house, from the...
227 West Follett Drive, Coloma, WI, 54930
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More Steakhouses Restaurants Near Coloma, WI

Granite Falls Supper Club is a restaurant located in Montello, Wisconsin at 36 West Montello Street. This restaurant serves rib-eye steak, hamburger, onion rings, potato salad, poor mans lobster, filets, and chicken strips. They also serve fettuccini -, roast half duck, french fries, fish filet, breaded mushrooms, chicken breast, and top sirloin. Casual Dining, great food and a relaxed...
36 West Montello Street, Montello, WI, 53949