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Livestock Cafe is a restaurant located in Okanogan, Washington at 123 Rodeo Trail Road. This restaurant serves pancakes, ham or bacon, regular burger, grilled ham & cheese, 2015 best cafe award okanogan county, german dog, and cold ham & cheese. They also serve livestock burger the ultimate in burgers, grilled cheese, big bacon burger, onion rings, chicken strips, patty melt, and yard burger.
123 Rodeo Trail Road, Okanogan, WA, 98840
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Breadline Cafe is a restaurant located in Omak, Washington at 102 Ash Street South. They are open every day except Monday and Sunday. The Breadline's main building was built in 1906 and saw the very first New Year's Eve dance before the town was even incorporated. It sat as an anchor for downtown until it was (literally) dragged a full block west to make room for a new post office. We then...
102 Ash Street South, Omak, WA, 98841