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Long John Silver's is a restaurant located in Richlands, Virginia at 3085 Cedar Valley Drive. This restaurant serves 10 butterfly shrimp & more, corn cobbette, baja fish taco, vegetable medley, whitefish fillet and chicken tenders & more, cole slaw, and hushpuppies. They also serve langostino lobster bites, chocolate cream pie, natural-cut fries, breadsticks, crab cake, 3 chicken tenders &...
3085 Cedar Valley Drive, Richlands, VA, 24641
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Long John Silver's is a restaurant located in Grundy, Virginia at 20906 Riverside Drive. An enterprising businessman and restaurateur named Jim Patterson returns from a vacation on the coast where he’d experienced a truly exceptional Fish and Chips meal. His vision was simple: Bring this unique seafood experience from the coast to the rest of America so they can experience it, too. The next...
20906 Riverside Drive, Grundy, VA, 24614