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Castle Ranch Steakhouse is a restaurant located in Price, Utah at 838 Westwood Boulevard. This restaurant serves classic club, roast beef dinner, larry's baby back ribs, creme brulee, sauteed onions, the "just right egg", and steak n' eggs. They also serve sliders, light continental, creme brulee cheese cake, mixed cheese platter, chicken strips, heat um up-round um up, and assorted dannon...
838 Westwood Boulevard, Price, UT, 84501
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Cowboy Club is a restaurant located in Wellington, Utah at 31 West Main Street. They are open every day of the week. And the iron you used to burn in your brand - Old Cowboy. Your horses and cattle have gone from the range,. But a shadow of sorrow and a memory of pain - Old Cowboy. From the range forever your voice is still,. No more does it echo resound from the hills - Old Cowboy. Around the...
31 West Main Street, Wellington, UT, 84542