Best Chicken Restaurants In Clifton, TX

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Chicken Express is a restaurant located in Clifton, Texas at 621 West 5th Street. This restaurant serves rolls, 16 piece mixed chicken, apple pie, 30 express tenders, jalapeno ranch, 8 piece mixed chicken, and fillet family dinner. They also serve 3 pieces chicken (your choice), green beans, jalapeno, sauces, express fish fillets, corn nuggest, and 25 express tenders. They are open every day of...
621 West 5th Street, Clifton, TX, 76634
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More Chicken Restaurants Restaurants Near Clifton, TX

Chicken Express is a restaurant located in Whitney, Texas at 1300 North Brazos Street. This restaurant serves corn nuggets, 2 fillets, fried pickle slices, 8 fillets, catfish snack, 7 express tenders combo, and 8 fillets meal. They also serve corn on the cob, 6 livers or 9 gizzards combo, apple pie, gravy, 3 fillets, 2 fillets combo, and 3 fillets combo. They are open every day of the week....
1300 North Brazos Street, Whitney, TX, 76692