Best Chicken Restaurants In Livingston, TN

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KFC is a restaurant located in Livingston, Tennessee at 1349 West Main Street. This restaurant serves pot pie, bbq baked beans, crispy blt salad, popcorn, potato wedges, mac & cheese, and extra crispy. They also serve seasoned rice, crispy caesar salad, chocolate chip cake, corn of the cob, kfc snacker, home-style biscuits, and mashed potatoes & gravy. They are open every day of the week. Learn...
1349 West Main Street, Livingston, TN, 38570
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More Chicken Restaurants Restaurants Near Livingston, TN

Zaxby's is a restaurant located in Cookeville, Tennessee at 395 West Jackson Street. This restaurant serves buffalo zax snak, nibblerz meal, large buffalo wings & things, triple grilled cheese basket, onion rings, dressing/sauce, and side of fried white cheddar bites. They also serve bi g zax snak meal, basket of texas toast, buffalo wings & things, the nibbler, tater chips, buffalo big zax...
395 West Jackson Street, Cookeville, TN, 38501