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No 3 Saloon is a restaurant located in Buffalo, South Dakota at 100 U.S. 85. They are open every day of the week. The #No. 3 Old Time Saloon was first opened in 2000 as a small watering hole for locals and an occasional stop for passers-by. A few years later it became necessary to expand operations just a little and a very small make shift kitchen was installed. Out of the very small 6' x 7'...
100 U.S. 85, Buffalo, SD, 57720
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Crooked Creek is a restaurant located in Ludlow, South Dakota at 10799 U.S. 85. This restaurant serves assorted juices, choice t-bone steak, b.l.t., gravy, hamburger steak, cordon bleu bites, and fried egg sandwich. They also serve onion rings, chix nuggets, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken strip salad, cheese balls, craigbrowns, and large butterfly shrimp.
10799 U.S. 85, Ludlow, SD, 57755