Best European Restaurants In Saltsburg, PA

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PJ Brown's Restaurant is a restaurant located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania at 306 Point Street. This restaurant serves fried bonelesss chicken filets steak fries, shrimp & scallops, shrimp & scallops lemon cream on pasta, broiled cod, eggplant parmesan pasta, penne pasta garbo vodka tomato cream sauce, and gnocchi with meatbal marinara. They also serve angel hair, chicken parmesan pasta,...
306 Point Street, Saltsburg, PA, 15681
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Darlington Inn is a restaurant located in Ligonier, Pennsylvania at 1473 Darlington Road. They are open every day of the week. My daughters and I came to the United States in 1984 to finally be reunited with my husband Laszlo. I worked for many years as a cook at the Bethlen Nursing Home in Ligonier where I met my friend Janet who introduced me to Dick and Betty Roberts (previous owners of the...
1473 Darlington Road, Ligonier, PA, 15658