Best Southern Restaurants In Reading, PA

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Chicken Supreme is a restaurant located in Reading, Pennsylvania at 410 Penn Avenue. They are open every day except Monday and Tuesday. 8 piece Chicken .$10.75 10 piece Chicken.$13.25 12 piece Chicken .$15.70 16 piece Chicken .$20.50 12 piece Shrimp.$13.50 15 piece Shrimp .$16.95 20 piece Shrimp .$22.50 25 piece Shrimp .$27.95 1 lb. Ribs .$13.75 2 lb. Ribs .$27.25 3 lb. Ribs .$39.50. Chicken (4...
410 Penn Avenue, Reading, PA, 19611
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More Southern Restaurants Restaurants Near Reading, PA

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant located in Hamburg, Pennsylvania at 21 Industrial Drive. This restaurant serves apple cider bbq chicken breast, thick-sliced bacon, country fried shrimp platter, homemade chicken n' dumplins, wild maine blueberry muffin, bowl of turnip greens, and cole slaw. They also serve southern grilled chicken caesar salad, lemon pepper grilled rainbow trout, smokehouse...
21 Industrial Drive, Hamburg, PA, 19526