Best European Restaurants In Dayton, OR

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Joel Palmer House is a restaurant located in Dayton, Oregon at 600 Ferry Street. This restaurant serves seasonal fish, pacific nw oysters on the half shell, seasonal greens, beef tartare, filet mignon, elk ribeye, and joe's wild mushroom soup. They also serve "into the woods", pan seared duck breast, foie gras, seasonal salad, sturgeon, heidi's weekly special, and chocolate soufflé cake. They...
600 Ferry Street, Dayton, OR, 97114
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Amadeus is a restaurant located in Salem, Oregon at 135 Liberty Street Northeast. They are open every day except Monday. Starters Calamari- Lightly battered and served with a jalapeño aioli. 8 Brie En Poof- Triple creme brie wrapped in phyllo and baked until golden brown. 9.5 Sweet Pots- Sweet potato waffle fries served with a smoky adobo chili aioli. 6.5 Rosemary Garlic Shoestring Fries– Thin...
135 Liberty Street Northeast, Salem, OR, 97301