Best Delis In Wooster, OH

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Hero House is a restaurant located in Wooster, Ohio at 141 North Bever Street. This restaurant serves meatball italiano, smoked turkey sub, chicken fingers and fries, tuna salad sub, new york reuben on rye, club sub, and chicken fajita salad. They also serve chicken cordon bleu on kaiser roll, portabella provolone on kaiser roll, homemade tuna salad on whole wheat, pepper steak, garden salad...
141 North Bever Street, Wooster, OH, 44691
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Sam's Pizza & Heros is a restaurant located in Smithville, Ohio at 637 East Main Street. They are open every day of the week. In July 2003, Sam’s purchased the Village Market in Smithville with the intent of merging the Village Market and Sam’s Pizza into one business giving more space and the opportunity to grow Sam’s Pizza. After six years of remodeling, growth, and changes the Smithville...
637 East Main Street, Smithville, OH, 44677