Best Hot Dog Restaurants In Newark, OH

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Rally's is a restaurant located in Newark, Ohio at 946 North 21st Street. This restaurant serves famous seasoned fries, big buford, grilled hot dog, big chicken sandwich, bacon cheddar fries, banconzilla, and bacon cheese champ. They also serve chili dog, fully loaded fries, cinnamon apple pie, banana milkshakes, medium buffalo, garlic parmesan, and spicy chicken sandwich. They are open every...
946 North 21st Street, Newark, OH, 43055
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More Hot Dog Restaurants Restaurants Near Newark, OH

Hometown Hotdogs is a restaurant located in Millersport, Ohio at 12031 Lancaster Street. This restaurant serves 1 pancake, bowl of chili, cottage cheese, home fries, fried bologna, slaw dog, and grilled cheese. They also serve coney's, grilled ham and cheese, double cheeseburger, butter sour cream, large bowl soup of the day, chicken tender basket, and cake. They are open every day except...
12031 Lancaster Street, Millersport, OH, 43046