Best Hot Dog Restaurants In Eaton, OH

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Skyline Chili is a restaurant located in Eaton, Ohio at 1704 North Barron Street. This restaurant serves 5-way potato, cheese coney, fries, sour cream potato, 4-way chili, chili burrito deluxe, and chilito with sour cream. They also serve regular coney (without cheese), chili fries, greek salad, chili burrito, chili spaghetti, blt, and loaded chili bowl. They are open every day of the week....
1704 North Barron Street, Eaton, OH, 45320
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Skipper's Pub & Top Deck is a restaurant located in Oxford, Ohio at 121 East High Street. This restaurant serves grilled cheese, reuben, nacho supreme, chicken tenders, 1/4 lb. cheeseburger, garlic breaded mushrooms, and garden salad. They also serve onion rings, patty melt, cajun chicken, pita pizza, ham sandwich, chicken-philly-cheese, and bowl of soup. They are open every day of the week. If...
121 East High Street, Oxford, OH, 45056