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Carol Ann's City Cafe is a restaurant located in Archbold, Ohio at 227 North Defiance Street. They are open every day except Sunday. A method of quickly extracting the heart of coffee flavor, under pressure, from specially roasted, finely ground Arabica beans. 1-1/2 ounces of. A unique milked coffee drink in that it uses both steamed and foamed milk. The drink is a layered drink with equal...
227 North Defiance Street, Archbold, OH, 43502
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Quiznos is a restaurant located in Napoleon, Ohio at 900 American Road. This restaurant serves meat, sonoma turkey, meatball, mesquite chicken, california chicken club, black angus on rosemary parmesan, and ultimate turkey club. They also serve veggies, peppercorn caesar, cheese, chicken bacon ranch, chicken milano, little italy, and basil pesto chicken. They are open every day of the week....
900 American Road, Napoleon, OH, 43545