Best Southern Restaurants In Arcanum, OH

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The Old Arcana is a restaurant located in Arcanum, Ohio at 109 West George Street. They are open every day except Monday and Tuesday. The Old Arcana serves breakfast, brunch and lunch in a charming, historic environment. Full catering services for personal and corporate events. A 38 seat restaurant hidden away in a quaint Ohio village surrounded by fertile land and family farms, The Old Arcana...
109 West George Street, Arcanum, OH, 45304
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Southern Comfort Bar and Grill is a restaurant located in New Paris, Ohio at 417 North Spring Street. They are open every day of the week. When Bruce Byrket started Wheel Guard, a mobile wheel reconditioning business, in Chattanooga Tennessee in 2000 he never dreamed how his business would grow and in what direction. After the attacks on 9/11 Bruce decided to move his new business closer to...
417 North Spring Street, New Paris, OH, 45347