Best Korean Restaurants In Pine Bush, NY

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Oriental House is a restaurant located in Pine Bush, New York at 78 Main Street. This restaurant serves clear soup, sushi & sashimi combination special, tuna roll, sashimi special, flounder filet, bibim bab, and eel avocado. They also serve california, smoked salmon skin, eel, mandoo, kimbab, salmon steak, and tuna avocado cucumber. They are open every day of the week.
78 Main Street, Pine Bush, NY, 12566
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Sook House is a restaurant located in Ellenville, New York at 76 Center Street. They are open every day except Sunday. Our chef is proud to present a variety of mouth-watering choices for you -- be it one of our Korean Dishes- Pa jun, Bibimbap or Spicy Chicken or our Chicken Teriyaki with soup, salad and rice for lunch or dinner, a delicious bowl of thick Japanese noodles with shrimp tempura,...
76 Center Street, Ellenville, NY, 12428