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The Tamarack Cafe is a restaurant located in Inlet, New York at 153 New York 28. They are open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday. Tamarack Sap Hot Sauce. Mild hot sauce exploding with flavor! -Our Sap is a mild hot sauce that is exploding with flavor! We make it right here at the Tamarack Cafe. It is popular on homefries, eggs, french fries and wraps. It's also great in bloody mary's! -We...
153 New York 28, Inlet, NY, 13360
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Five Corners Cafe is a restaurant located in Old Forge, New York at 3067 New York 28. This restaurant serves caramelized brussels sprouts and butternut squash, housemade ricotta and apples, garden salad, miso-sesame glazed cod, rabbit shepherd's pie, filet mignon or sirloin steak, and braised pork belly salad. They also serve pan seared duck breast, pan roasted salmon, lump crab salad,...
3067 New York 28, Old Forge, NY, 13420