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Grandma's Kitchen is a restaurant located in Whitefield, New Hampshire at 187 Lancaster Road. This restaurant serves tuna salad ~ or ~ blt, spaghetti & tomato sauce, open faced turkey ~ roast beef ~ or ~ meatloaf, grilled chicken breast, fine herb & sliced tomato, cinnamon rolls, and grilled chicken on a bun. They also serve regular french toast, the mexican ~ served with salsa, banana berry...
187 Lancaster Road, Whitefield, NH, 03598
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Littleton Diner is a restaurant located in Littleton, New Hampshire at 145 Main Street. They are open every day of the week. On January 16, 1930 the Littleton Courier newspaper reported that workmen for the Stone Brothers of Bethlehem Junction had begun to put in the foundation for a modern parlor car diner in Littleton next to the Masonic Temple. Today, many can still remember the excitement...
145 Main Street, Littleton, NH, 03561