Best Delis In Sanford, NC

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Firehouse Subs is a restaurant located in Sanford, North Carolina at 3248 Nc Rte. 87 S.. They are open every day of the week. Firehouse Subs was founded by firefighters and built with real American entrepreneurial spirit. Find out our story – it’s got some serious meat to it. Passing 1,050 locations, our expansion is carefully calculated. Rest assured there’s a Firehouse coming your way. As...
3248 Nc Rte. 87 S., Sanford, NC, 27330
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More Delis Restaurants Near Sanford, NC

The Modern Life Deli & Drinks is a restaurant located in Pittsboro, North Carolina at 46 Sanford Road. This restaurant serves buffalo chicken wrap, margarita, garden, rachel, roasted artichoke, turkey club, and grilled cheese. They also serve porco rosso, caesar, italian, that's nacho pig, cuban, barbecue chicken, and hummus & flatbread. They are open every day except Sunday. Is a place where...
46 Sanford Road, Pittsboro, NC, 27312