Best African Restaurants In Chapel Hill, NC

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Queen of Sheba is a restaurant located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at 1129 Weaver Dairy Road. This restaurant serves fish tibbs, queen of shebas seafood combination, kitfo (this is to live for), sinigg karia, gomen watt, gored gored (gg), and kay watt. They also serve yebeg alicha, yebeg lega tibbs, yebeg watt, shrimp tibbs, minchetabesh, sambussa, and yedinich (ethiopian style potato...
1129 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
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More African Restaurants Restaurants Near Chapel Hill, NC

The Palace International is a restaurant located in Durham, North Carolina at 1104 Broad Street. This restaurant serves groundnut butter, gor-maia chicken wings, palace samosas, maharagwe ya nazi, maharagwe tatu, shrimp kababs, and matoke and beans. They also serve zanzibari shrimp delight, kachumbari, chapati, cabbage, chicken curry, mt. kenya lamb, and nyama-choma. They are open every day...
1104 Broad Street, Durham, NC, 27705