Best Middle Eastern Restaurants In Asheville, NC

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Jerusalem Garden Cafe is a restaurant located in Asheville, North Carolina at 78 Patton Avenue. This restaurant serves hummus & pita, the standard breakfast, tabouleh salad, jerusalem burger with roasted lamb, spicy salmon wrap, grilled kabobs, and pistachio encrusted lamb chops. They also serve jerusalem burger, fresh mozzarella, lamb & eggs, falafel, mutabal (baba ghanoush) & pita, vegetarian...
78 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28801
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More Middle Eastern Restaurants Restaurants Near Asheville, NC

Pita Express is a restaurant located in Hendersonville, North Carolina at 1034 Greenville Highway. They are open every day except Sunday. PLEASE NOTE: If you have any special dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know! We strive to accommodate individuals — in both our restaurant and cooking classes — who are vegan/vegetarian or may have gluten/lactose/other intolerance, etc....
1034 Greenville Highway, Hendersonville, NC, 28792