Best Burger Restaurants In Louisville, MS

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Wendy's is a restaurant located in Louisville, Mississippi at 325 Mississippi 15. This restaurant serves 5-piece chicken nuggets, baja salad, the caramel apple frosty perfrait, sour cream and chives potato, natural-cut french fries, grilled chicken go wrap, and caesar side salad. They also serve the oreo frosty perfrait, broccoli and cheese potato, 5-piece spicy chicken nuggets, 10-piece...
325 Mississippi 15, Louisville, MS, 39339
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Bumpers Drive In is a restaurant located in Ackerman, Mississippi at 9180 Mississippi 15. They are open every day of the week. The idea for Bumpers Drive-In of America was conceived in 1983. Bumpers Drive-In is a quick-service drive-in restaurant that combines the atmosphere of the classic drive-ins of the '50's and '60's with modern equipment and techniques. The result is a nostalgic...
9180 Mississippi 15, Ackerman, MS, 39735