Best Asian Fusion Restaurants In Petoskey, MI

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Nagoya is a restaurant located in Petoskey, Michigan at 314 West Mitchell Street. They are open every day of the week. Food Takeout from Nagoya, best Chinese, Japanese, Sushi Takeout in Petoskey, MI. Hibachi Lunch EntreesServed w Hibachi Vegetable, White Rice (Fried Rice $2 extra) and choice ofClear soup or Salad. Tempura DinnerLight Batter and Deep Fried until Crispy, with Mix Vegetable, White...
314 West Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI, 49770
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Asian Fusion is a restaurant located in Charlevoix, Michigan at 311 Bridge Street. They are open every day except Sunday. Thai food is very different, yet the succulent aromas and interesting tastes will make your mouth water. At first when you hear Thai food what do you think?? Well if you are like most people who live in America, you probably think of super hot and spicy right? Well in most...
311 Bridge Street, Charlevoix, MI, 49720