Best Salad Restaurants In Lake City, MI

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B C Pizza is a restaurant located in Lake City, Michigan at 45 N Morey Rd. They are open every day of the week. B.C. Pizza’s reputation as the “Best Choice” for pizza was built by using top-quality ingredients and secret recipes for homemade pizza sauce & crust. Our story begins during high school, brothers Chris and Wayne Nelson set a goal to open a top quality pizzeria. It would be an...
45 N Morey Rd, Lake City, MI, 49651
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More Salad Restaurants Restaurants Near Lake City, MI

Burke's Waterfront Restaurant is a restaurant located in Cadillac, Michigan at 2403 Sunnyside Drive. This restaurant serves house specialty french fried ice cream, caribbean chicken garlic, the sizzler, petile cut, alaskansalmon, bbq palle pork, and roast beef. They also serve 3 pcs buttermilk hot cakes, enchilada dinner- beef, fresh walleye, english muffin, toast, enchilada dinner- chicken,...
2403 Sunnyside Drive, Cadillac, MI, 49601