Best Diners In Lake City, MI

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Lake City’s Family Diner is a restaurant located in Lake City, Michigan at 119 S Main Street. Lake City’s Family Diner serves delicious, home-style meals in a comfortable, small town restaurant atmosphere. Our family and staff understand the value of a warm family meal shared by everyone. Whether you’re with family or friends - great conversation and great food, quite simply, go hand-in-hand....
119 S Main Street, Lake City, MI, 49651
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More Diners Restaurants Near Lake City, MI

Kelley's Pizza & Grill is a restaurant located in McBain, Michigan at 100 East Maple Street. This restaurant serves 1 item, 3 item, stacked turkey, philly steak, chef, 4pc chicken, and 2 item. They also serve extra cheese, cheeseburger, party melt, chix hoagie, wing dings, tossed, and stacked beef. They are open every day of the week.
100 East Maple Street, McBain, MI, 49657