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Storheim's is a restaurant located in Iron Mountain, Michigan at 141 U.S. 2. They are open every day of the week. Storheims was originally founded in Green Bay, Wisconsin by a man named Ray Kern. I was able to get to know him over the years for the many times that I stopped in to have his Flavor of the Day. Anytime I was in Green Bay, I would make a point to stop in before I headed home. As...
141 U.S. 2, Iron Mountain, MI, 49801
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Dairy Queen is a restaurant located in Kingsford, Michigan at 700 South Carpenter Avenue. This restaurant serves blizzard cakes, dq birthday cakes, grill burger with cheese, dq sheet cakes, dq round cakes, iron grilled sandwiches, and sundaes. They also serve buster bar, bacon cheese grill burger, waffle bowl sundaes, 1/2 lb. flame thrower grill burger, reese's peanut butter cups blizzard cake,...
700 South Carpenter Avenue, Kingsford, MI, 49802