Best Mexican Restaurants In Bad Axe, MI

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Taco Bell is a restaurant located in Bad Axe, Michigan at 852 North Van Dyke Road. This restaurant serves caramel apple empanada, crunchy taco supreme, 1/2 lb combo burrito, soft taco, nachos supreme, pintos 'n cheese, and triple steak burrito. They also serve volcano taco, soft taco supreme, nachos, nachos bellgrande, cheesy nachos, gordita nacho cheese, and mexican rice. They are open every...
852 North Van Dyke Road, Bad Axe, MI, 48413
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El Rio is a restaurant located in Pigeon, Michigan at 7621 Pigeon Road. They are open every day except Sunday. A 10" flour tortilla stuffed with meat, rice, beans & cheese tossed on the grill for extra flavor, then topped with enchilada sauce & lettuce. (sour cream and salsa on the side). A 12" soft shell filled with seasoned ground beef, cheese & tomato placed on the grill to seal the edges &...
7621 Pigeon Road, Pigeon, MI, 48755