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Red Onion is a restaurant located in Rangeley, Maine at 2511 Main Street. They are open every day of the week. There had been many owners of this building in its 100 years or so existence, including Eugene Herrik, Edward Hoar, George J. Beeh and Ray Fox. The building was enlarged over the years to eventually include a front and a back. In 1935 Leo Taylor purchased the building with an idea to...
2511 Main Street, Rangeley, ME, 04970
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Looney Moose Cafe is a restaurant located in Stratton, Maine at 9 Main St. They are open every day of the week. Visit Stratton Maine for the best breakfast and lunch open daily. Eggs, homemade corn beef hash, hot coffee and sandwiches. Local favorite restaurant for Western Mountains. Hiking Restaurants, Motorcycle road stops, Sugarloaf lunch and breakfast spot. From Steph's homemade corn beef...
9 Main St, Stratton, ME, 04982