Best Indian Restaurants In Williamstown, MA

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Spice Root is a restaurant located in Williamstown, Massachusetts at 23 Spring Street. This restaurant serves vegetable masala, chana masala, chicken tikka, spinach soup, sag paneer, kalmi kabob, and meat samosa (two pieces). They also serve shrimp malai kabob, chicken tikka masala, pappadum (three pieces), spice root veggie platte, tamarind chutney, lamb biryani, and matar paneer. They are...
23 Spring Street, Williamstown, MA, 01267
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House of India is a restaurant located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts at 261 North Street. They are open every day of the week. Located in the Heart of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, nestled in a corner spot on North Street, The House of India is "A Jewel in the Crown," featuring fine Indian cuisine. It boasts of their affordable Grand Lunch Buffet, which consists of specialty dishes, fresh-baked...
261 North Street, Pittsfield, MA, 01201