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Sonic Drive-In is a restaurant located in Vivian, Louisiana at 931 South Pine Street. This restaurant serves footlong quarter pound coney, chili cheese tots, supersonic bacon double cheeseburger, sonic bacon cheeseburger, tots, sonic burger, and ched 'r' peppers (4 pieces). They also serve french fries, crispy chicken sandwich, bacon cheeseburger toaster sandwich, crispy chicken wrap, onion...
931 South Pine Street, Vivian, LA, 71082
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Sonic Drive-In is a restaurant located in Benton, Louisiana at 219 Burt Boulevard. This restaurant serves chili cheese fries, cheese tots, grilled chicken sandwich, onion rings, chicken wrap, sonic cheeseburger, and bacon cheeseburger toaster sandwich. They also serve tots, chicago dog, mozzarella sticks (5 sticks), chicken strips (3 pieces), sonic burger, chili cheese tots, and chili cheese...
219 Burt Boulevard, Benton, LA, 71006