Best Greek Restaurants In Hammond, LA

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Albasha is a restaurant located in Hammond, Louisiana at 600 Palace Dr. They are open every day of the week. Served with Feta cheese salad and five of your favorites: Grape Leaves * Spinach Pie * Hummos * Baba Ghanouj * Mousaka Eggplant * Mousaka Squash * Falafel * Mujadarah * Rice Pilaf * Taboule Salad. A platter of Feta cheese salad, Hummos, Baba Ghanouj, Kibbi, Falafel, rice, grape leaves,...
600 Palace Dr, Hammond, LA, 70403
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More Greek Restaurants Restaurants Near Hammond, LA

Zoës Kitchen is a restaurant located in Covington, Louisiana at 69627 Stirling Boulevard. This restaurant serves greek chicken pita, quinoa salad, spinach roll-up dinner, mediterranean chicken, seasonal fresh fruit, white pita chips, and chicken salad sandwich. They also serve hummus trio, basil pesto hummus, chicken roll-ups, veggie kabobs, zoes club pita, kids turkey and cheese, and chicken...
69627 Stirling Boulevard, Covington, LA, 70433