Best Taco Restaurants In Inez, KY

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Taco Bell is a restaurant located in Inez, Kentucky at 2018 Main Street. They are open every day of the week. To decide what is relevant to you, we use information you make available to us when you interact with us, our affiliates, and other third parties. We gather this information using the tracking tools described above. For example, we or our partners might look at your purchases or...
2018 Main Street, Inez, KY, 41224
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Taco Bell is a restaurant located in Paintsville, Kentucky at 603 N Mayo Trail. This restaurant serves 1/2 lb cheesy potato burrito, gordita nacho cheese, cheesy fiesta potatoes, triple steak burrito, crunchy taco supreme, nachos supreme, and caramel apple empanada. They also serve volcano burrito, nachos bellgrande, gordita supreme, volcano nacho, cheesy double beef burrito, gordita baja, and...
603 N Mayo Trail, Paintsville, KY, 41240