Best Diners In Wellington, KS

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Penny's Diner is a restaurant located in Wellington, Kansas at 1104 East 16th Street. They are open every day of the week. Check our latest hotel offers to ensure an affordable hotel getaway at one of our Oak Tree Inn locations. Endless sunshine, amazing cities, best-in-class theme parks, incredible natural treasures—no matter what you want to do and see on your next vacation, California has...
1104 East 16th Street, Wellington, KS, 67152
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More Diners Restaurants Near Wellington, KS

Laurie's Kitchen is a restaurant located in Mulvane, Kansas at 113 West Main Street. This restaurant serves laurie's choice plus, veggies, dale's sunrise, english muffin, veggie delight, breaded boneless pork chops, and pork chops (grilled). They also serve guido's special, blackened catfish (grilled), western, corned beef hash, grilled chicken, citrus frilled tilapia, and pancake. They are...
113 West Main Street, Mulvane, KS, 67110