Best Pizza Restaurants In Moran, KS

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Simple Simon's Pizza is a restaurant located in Moran, Kansas at 822 Cedar Street. They are open every day of the week. Check out the franchise opportunities available in different locations with Simple Simon’s Pizza, a well-established pizza chain headquartered in Tulsa, OK. We target smaller rural or suburban niche markets, so that we can enter the community at an affordable cost and operate...
822 Cedar Street, Moran, KS, 66755
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Pizza Hut is a restaurant located in Iola, Kansas at 1612 North State Street. This restaurant serves meaty p'zone pizza, meat lover's pizza, super supreme pizza, spicy bbq, veggie lover's pizza, honey bbq, and tuscani creamy chicken alfredo. They also serve supreme pizza, buffalo medium, tuscani meaty marinara, buffalo mild, pepperoni p'zone pizza, cinnamon sticks, and breadsticks. They are...
1612 North State Street, Iola, KS, 66749