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Terry's Pit Stop is a restaurant located in Birdseye, Indiana at 2458 Dillard Road. They are open every day of the week. If you ever have a picture you would like posted send it to the email below or put it on facebook!We have a full menu suited for every appetite which includes a kid's menu. Friday - Saturday 12pm to 10pm serving lunch and dinner.
2458 Dillard Road, Birdseye, IN, 47513
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Denny's is a restaurant located in Jasper, Indiana at 3850 North Newton Street. This restaurant serves cheese burger flatbread, chicken strips, fish & chips, onions rings, bacon lovers blt, add six golden-fried shrimp, and double cheeseburger. They also serve western burger, basket of puppies, vegetable rice pilaf, veggieburger, add a grilled shrimp skewer, zesty nachos, and bacon cheddar...
3850 North Newton Street, Jasper, IN, 47546