Best Italian Restaurants In Batesville, IN

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Pizza Hut is a restaurant located in Batesville, Indiana at 1040 Indiana 229. They are open every day of the week. In the restaurant business, there's no hiding. Food is served in front of the customer, not in a box. A customer is waited on, not just delivered to. Each guest is attended to, not just another number in the queue. At the end, the checkout isn't just a transaction. It's a thank you...
1040 Indiana 229, Batesville, IN, 47006
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Mancinos is a restaurant located in Greensburg, Indiana at 1011 East Barachel Lane. They are open every day except Monday. Job Opportunities - Mancino's Pizza & GrindersGreensburg, indiana.The term “Grinder” can be traced back to East Coast where, during WWI, Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops close to the shipyards. Their freshly baked Italian rolls were filled with generous amounts of...
1011 East Barachel Lane, Greensburg, IN, 47240