Best Delis In Ina, IL

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Uncle Joe's Restaurant is a restaurant located in Ina, Illinois at 201 Taylor Street. This restaurant serves fried pepper jack cheese bites, ribs, fried bologna sandwich, cheese fries, hickory smoked pork, sweet smoke, and 1/2 chicken. They also serve uncle joe's super nachos, sloppy joe cheese fries, nachos w/ cheese & jalapenos, cheeseburger, sweet mustard, fried gizzards or livers, and...
201 Taylor Street, Ina, IL, 62846
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The Buzz is a restaurant located in Benton, Illinois at 601 Public Square. This restaurant serves greek, buzz breakfast croissant, fruit smoothies, club, sandwich, scones (4 different flavors), and cheesecake factory. They also serve grilled chicken wrap, fresh fruit plate, florentine, turnovers (variety of flavors), just a scoop served on lettuce leaf, milk & juices, and torino. They are open...
601 Public Square, Benton, IL, 62812