Best Salad Restaurants In Driggs, ID

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Marigold Cafe is a restaurant located in Driggs, Idaho at 2389 Scenic. They are open every day except Sunday. Daily misting is helpful, but a weekly soak is even better, submerging the air plant in room temperature water for an hour or so every week. If the plant has a bloom on it, try to avoid wetting the bloom. Gently shake off excess water to dry completely before placing it back on display....
2389 Scenic, Driggs, ID, 83422
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More Salad Restaurants Restaurants Near Driggs, ID

Sherwood's Post is a restaurant located in Victor, Idaho at 20 North Main Street. They are open every day except Monday and Tuesday. Our signature breakfast burrito stuffed with Sherwood’s potatoes, egg, green chili, chopped bacon and salsa, smothered in our “toma-cado” sauce and melted cheddar. Double brisket patty with all natural cheddar, garlic aioli, arugula, balsamic tomatoes on a 460...
20 North Main Street, Victor, ID, 83455