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Hapa Izakaya is a restaurant located in Spencer, Iowa at 816 11th Avenue Southwest. Shabu shabu beef roast, lettuce, fried onion chips, house made BBQ sauce wrapped in soy paper, egg and nori. Enoki mushroom chips, cucumber, shiso, scallop, topped with prosciutto, balsamic soy and creamy mango puree. Basa tempura, house made bacon, shoestring potatoes, jalapeño tartare sauce wrapped in a flour...
816 11th Avenue Southwest, Spencer, IA, 51301
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Hibachi 88 is a restaurant located in Spirit Lake, Iowa at 2610 17th Street. They are open every day of the week. Ask your server about the menu items that are cooked or served raw,. All Entrees Served with Vegetable & Fried Rice(With Egg).
2610 17th Street, Spirit Lake, IA, 51360