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Taco John's is a restaurant located in Sheldon, Iowa at 100 34th Avenue. They are open every day of the week. In 1968, a small taco stand opened in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The “Taco House” was an instant success with the locals because of the distinctive seasonings in the tasty tacos and generously sized burritos. In 1969, the franchise rights were purchased by two local businessmen, Harold Holmes...
100 34th Avenue, Sheldon, IA, 51201
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Taco John's is a restaurant located in Sioux Center, Iowa at 334 North Main Avenue. This restaurant serves chips & queso, beef softshell and beef meat & potato burrito, super burrito, super nachos regular or small, chili, taco burger, and choco taco. They also serve taco bravo, six-pack and a pound, softshell, grilled burrito beef or chicken, super potato oles regular or small, two softshell...
334 North Main Avenue, Sioux Center, IA, 51250