Best Diners In Jefferson, IA

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Uptown Cafe is a restaurant located in Jefferson, Iowa at 108 West State Street. This restaurant serves grapefruit juice, lincoln scrambler, churdan classic, hungry man's breakfast, hand-breaded tenderloin, lemonade, and toast. They also serve chicken salad, breakfast special, chips, bacon chicken melt, cinnamon roll homemade, coffee, and ham steak. They are open every day of the week.
108 West State Street, Jefferson, IA, 50129
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Firehouse Ice Cream is a restaurant located in Perry, Iowa at 1120 2nd Street. They are open every day except Sunday. "We wanted to bring back hometown flavors that were lost, so we were able to get the recipe for Tasty Burgers that was offered at Dairy Stripe and we also have the recipe for Egg Salad sandwiches from Holcomb's Pharmacy. Firehouse Ice Cream is a 50's 60's style soda fountain. It...
1120 2nd Street, Perry, IA, 50220