Best Diners In Independence, IA

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Arianna's Kitchen is a restaurant located in Independence, Iowa at 1826 1st Street West. They are open every day except Monday. Every time you choose to call an owner-operated business rather than a multi-location corporate chain store, you are siding with hard working local people who have put their names and their entire careers into creating a business that serves customers well, that keeps...
1826 1st Street West, Independence, IA, 50644
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More Diners Restaurants Near Independence, IA

Country Cottage Cafe is a restaurant located in Oelwein, Iowa at 2301 South Frederick Avenue. This restaurant serves club sandwich, cobb salad, tuna sandwich, steak sandwich, grilled chicken breast, fried chicken, and the traditional burger. They also serve ruben sandwich, beef patty melt, bacon cheese burger, new york steak, grilled chicken caesar salad, chicken or beef fajita salad, and...
2301 South Frederick Avenue, Oelwein, IA, 50662