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Dairy Queen is a restaurant located in Vidalia, Georgia at 504 East 1st Street. This restaurant serves pumpkin pie blizzard cake, chicken wraps, peanuts buster parfait, blizzard cakes, chicken sandwiches, banana split, and dq round cakes. They also serve bacon cheese grill burger, grill burger with cheese, oreo brownie earthquake, oreo blizzard cake, dq birthday cakes, iron grilled sandwiches,...
504 East 1st Street, Vidalia, GA, 30474
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Dairy Queen is a restaurant located in Mount Vernon, Georgia at 120 East Spring Street. Have you ever wanted to learn about Dairy Queen's history, community involvement or the world record that we have set? Find that and more on this page. System's recipe for success has been simple. It's been a combination of hardworking people who own and operate restaurants, and great-tasting food and...
120 East Spring Street, Mount Vernon, GA, 30445