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Waffle House is a restaurant located in Thomaston, Georgia at 1063 U.S. 19. This restaurant serves triple chocolate, all star special, pecan waffle, grilled chicken, sausage egg & cheese, grilled eggs & cheese biscuit, and waffle. They also serve southern pecan, peppered, bacon egg & cheese, ribeye & eggs, bert's best bowl of chili, 2 eggs, and double angus cheeseburger (1/2 lb.). They are open...
1063 U.S. 19, Thomaston, GA, 30286
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Huddle House is a restaurant located in Barnesville, Georgia at 646 South Highway 341. They are open every day of the week. Search Huddle House locations. Huddle House restaurants are located in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southwest. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any Meal. Any Time. Enter your zip code, city and state to find a restaurant near you. Get restaurant locations,...
646 South Highway 341, Barnesville, GA, 30204