Best Hot Dog Restaurants In Springfield, GA

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Burger King is a restaurant located in Springfield, Georgia at 1262 Highway 21 South. This restaurant serves tendercrisp garden salad, whopper, bk single stacker, triple whopper, western bbq cheeseburger, original chicken sandwich, and italian chicken sandwich. They also serve double hamburger, tendergrilltm garden salad, bk double stacker, bk veggie burger, onion rings (medium), hamburger, and...
1262 Highway 21 South, Springfield, GA, 31329
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Cook-Out is a restaurant located in Pooler, Georgia at 480 Pooler Parkway. I have been to the Fredericksburg, VA location 3 times….. Well, the 3rd time is the charm! I will never be back to this restaurant. After waiting in the drive-thru lane for 15mins, and not seeing the cars move, I decided to go inside to order. I ordered the BBQ platter, with fries, coleslaw, and milkshake…. After waiting...
480 Pooler Parkway, Pooler, GA, 31322