Best Chicken Restaurants In Wauchula, FL

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KFC is a restaurant located in Wauchula, Florida at 899 South 6th Avenue. This restaurant serves boneless wings, clow slaw, extra crispy, roasted blt salad, popcorn, potato wedges, and wings. They also serve rice bowl, doublicious, honey bbq, crispy blt salad, kfc snacker, original recipe, and pot pie. They are open every day of the week. Our new Smoky Mountain BBQ brings the sweet, smoky...
899 South 6th Avenue, Wauchula, FL, 33873
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Maryland Fried Chicken is a restaurant located in Avon Park, Florida at 904 West Main Street. They are open every day of the week. Famously known for our mouth watering sauces, wings and strips, homemade slaw, and tater tots and... Best kept secret in North Myrtle Beach! Hole in the wall type place with great food, hickory smok... We are open on Friday’s from 10 A.M to sundown. Please note that...
904 West Main Street, Avon Park, FL, 33825