Best Spanish Restaurants In Melbourne, FL

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Calilou is a restaurant located in Melbourne, Florida at 901 East New Haven Avenue. They are open every day of the week. At Island Pasta restaurant in downtown Melbourne, FL, our menu is chock full of flavorful pastas, memorable specialty martinis, and amazing entrees with a twist. Lemon Basil Mojito light rum, fresh basil, mint and lemon Habanero Lime Margarita not for the “faint” of...
901 East New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL, 32901
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More Spanish Restaurants Restaurants Near Melbourne, FL

Mi Balconcito Latin Grill is a restaurant located in Palm Bay, Florida at 4720 Dixie Highway Northeast. This restaurant serves empanada mixta, fongolillo de langosta, sweet potato fries, mofongo, empanada de carne o pollo, mar y tierra, and bistec encebollado. They also serve mariscos a la criolla, pechuga empanada, bistec empanado, domestic, yuca sticks, churrasco strips a la criolla, and...
4720 Dixie Highway Northeast, Palm Bay, FL, 32905